How I Feel in the Spring

???>I don’t like cutting my hair;  I only do it because.  I want to meet someone I’ve never met and I want them to be just like I never imagined only more so.  I like wearing button up shirts under T-shirts; it just feels like sense.  Why is everyone so wrapped up in impenetrable conformity.  I feel spring’s ascendancy as it attempts to inflict its frowns of fortune and make off with my soul, like death to someone who just slit their wrists.  She’s just like you; she takes her glass out one eye at a time.  Let’s be friends.  I want to take care of your face.  Your dog reminds me of someone.  The gods bleed green.  She impressed me with her neuralplasticity.  The warmth typically occurs in response to a frigid chill.  The warmest I’ve ever been was the coldest I’ve ever felt.  Her nipple spoke volumes.  If I had a quarter for every time I smelled that.  Your rabbit look like my rabbit except mine’s red.  Is not having a name better than having a name, I think so.  The hottest I’ve ever been was running uphill in August.  The coldest I’ve ever been was sitting in a mental cabin in the center of all the woods.  Music tells me what to do.  A green tunnel filled with rare moths makes me smile.  Derrick Rose is always hurt he needs coconut water.

Spring you are everything


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