The Plot Thickens

My previous post outlined me recently meeting a new woman who I found both interesting and erotic.  This morning I was working out at the gym.  I find it best to work out first thing int he AM.  I try to arrive at 515-am but typically make my appearance closer to 530-am.  Going early helps me gradually awaken and supports my energy level throughout the remainder of the day. Also, you avoid the “meat-heads” also known as professional exercisers; the folks whose self-worth is positively correlated to the weight they lift.  Am I the only one who feels uncomfortable working out around meat-heads?  Isn’t the level of awkwardness amplified when their wearing some silly weightlifting outfit (e.g., spandex with lighting bolts on thighs, fluorescent string tank top, etc.) or grunting like an ox. The energy they create is a mixture of desperation, confusion, oblivion and denial.  I say denial because they may view themselves as healthy because they exercise and their outward appearance but inside they’re a pool of toxins (e.g., drugs, steroids, processed protein products, supplements not approved by the FDA, etc.) baked just right via tanning beds. They often appear orange from their tanning protocol and they may or may not be wearing cologne/perfume while exercising.  They make me uncomfortable with how much emphasis they place on appearance.  “Hey my man you’re gonna get old, you’re gonna get wrinkly and you’re gonna die this is the nature of things, just be cool with it.”  Regardless, as I started my routine and increased my heart rate I gradually became more awake and more conscious.

I started to go over in my mind my date from Saturday with JB.  I recalled she mentioned she loved to smoke pot, 3Xs a day even.  Too much for my taste, I’m a once or twice a month type of guy.  She indicated early on she has ADHD and she said pot helped balance her out making it easier for her to attend.  I have other friends who have ADHD and say the same thing.   ADHD folks have a different perspective on things.  People with different perspectives fascinate me since I view popular thought and culture as deranged.  I can only assume what they feel and what problems their physiology might inspire but I would love to understand better.  Anyway, she had ADHD and she loved pot as a result.  She told me her Ex loved pot too.  They had a Volcano (vaporizer) which he kept after their separation. While I was at her volcano-digital-vaporizer_4place she offered me some tea and I accepted.  She said she only had one mug.  In the cabinet I saw multiple mugs, I said “what about those?”  She said those were her Ex’s and if I used one that would be a little strange for her.  I understood and complied but then realized it was strange for her to keep her Ex’s dishes.  Especially when her Ex was physically and emotionally abusive to her and her child.  So these cups just sit there, never to be used, like a monument to what once was?  I don’t get it.  I wondered if she was over her Ex.  When women refer to their Ex 3 times or more during a first date, as a rule I conclude they are not over their Ex.  I would say JB referred to her Ex at least 8 times during our date.  First she mentioned he was physically and emotionally abusive.  Then, that they once went to the Caribbean together and considered opening a bar but declined since you needed to be a resident for one year prior to any business ownership.  Then again that he was physically and emotionally abusive.  The mug thing.  Followed by, him being a bad father for showing their 3 year-old horror movies rated R.  Also that he took the $700 Volcano vaporizer with him upon their separation.  And finally, she said his name was Dave.  How strange her Ex kept working his way into our conversations.  Then I thought whatever and went back to my workout.

After a 2 mile run I grab some dumbbells for shoulder press.  I started thinking about vaporizers and recreational marijuana use becoming legal in Colorado and Oregon.  I thought it was just a matter of time before it was legal in Cali and Washington.  Then I thought once that happened recreational use would certainly be bound for the Northeast.  I remembered I told JB that I estimated NY would legalize medical use within 5 years.  It’s all about money.  Alcohol kills so many but because of money these deaths are overlooked.  Marijuana kills virtually no one and maybe Hostess will still be around if it was legal.  map01Then I began to think about vaporizers and how the weed I smoked recently was so strong and with a vaporizer it’s tough to gauge how much you inhaled because there’s very little smoke on exhalation.  I’m a light weight, a one hit wonder, I don’t think I would ever need a Volcano, that thing is serious.  Wow JB really blazes a lot, I’m not sure I could keep up with her, I don’t really want to try.  Then I thought about the only time I ever used a vaporizer was at my friend’s place, one of his buddy’s from work brought it over.  Then I remembered this buddy’s name.  It was Dave.  Interesting coincidence, the one guy I ever smoked a Volcano with was named Dave like JB’s Ex who took their Volcano.  This guy Dave I had hung out with a few times before.  He was a good guy, tattoos like me, cool, seemed really calm, laid back, friendly, funny, an easy person to talk to and seemingly get along with.  I remembered once over the summer we had a beer on the water, my friend, Dave and I.  He told me he was single and had a son around 2 or 3.  Hmm interesting.  So Dave lives around here, has a Volcano, has an Ex-wife, has a 3 year old kid and is roughly the same age as JB.  I realized there at the gym while doing shoulder presses that I smoked out of a Volcano vaporizer with JB’s Ex, that we had a beer together prior to that and that her alleged physically and emotionally abusive Ex-husband once came to a party at my old apartment.  I immediately sent a text to my friend to confirm my suspicion. To be continued…


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