Remember the show Quantum Leap?  Remember Ziggy from that show, the little hand help computer that resembled a smart-phone.  This young woman sits next to me, probably between 17-21.  I’ve been here for hours writing and she’s been here roughly the same time.  I’m 34, so hours to me, perceptually, are much shorter to me than her.  She just sits there with only her smart-phone to engage with, for roughly 3 hours.  Because of it’s small size she holds it close to her face and she leans forward on the couch to read it. She is completely engaged with the phone solely.  Almost, purposefully trying not to notice any of the life around her.  Purposefully, seeming to surround herself in a bubble of self.  Meaning, she is just in her own world completely, just her and her phone and it seems purposeful.  Why?  What a waste to me, that is to play on the phone for 3 hours.  No book, no magazine to read, no verbal engagement, or social/personal interaction.  She just blew her nose and sniffled, her hood is up.  I just noticed she’s had her hood up the whole time. What is she hiding from, what is she avoiding.  Why doesn’t she want to read something and collect some sort of information from the environment.  Whenever I get a free moment I always try to squeeze in a book or collect information on some topic that has recently interested me.  But she just sits, still glued to her phone.  From the time I started writing this until now, she is still just texting.  To me, I think, how painful.  Does she know she will be old sometime soon, that the less action she takes the more nothing will change for her?  She knows little for her to waste time in such a way.  “Youth is wasted on the young.”  Does she know she will die or that should could die at any time?  What does she know?  What does she know that I don’t, that is what I really wonder, it is something?  She certainly knows something that I do not and I wonder what it is.  Is it a bullshit lesson or a really important meaningful one?  I could ask her but she is young and I wish not to frighten her.  Oh well…


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